Tarot Reading


What are your most important questions about life right now?
Do life’s crossroads call you to make fundamental choices?
What is your soul’s real longing in an area of your life such as relationship, family, career, physical well-being, financial or spiritual development?

Equipped with universal symbols, archetypal life themes and development paths, the tarot and other oracle cards provide a resonance field of your life situation that is specifically tailored to you, offering you insights, directional qualities and possible solutions with my support. How you then take which paths is up to you. A short numerological entry through your date of birth is possible and recommended.

Occasions: life itself, birthdays, beginnings and celebrations of the year, new life cycles, decisions and changes.




If your current life situation is calling you for a clear inventory, a greater understanding of life contexts and (yearly) cycles, or if you just want to take a look behind a certain backdrop 'life challenge', in order to find your further way to sort topics such as family, partnership, career, finances and health for clarification, then dive together with me into the universal symbolic language of the tarot and other oracle cards (depending on your needs and questions).

On the surface, this can be more about clear steps of insight and growth, rather than superficial, pleasing "quick fixes." The freedom of choice and responsibility of self-efficacy in your life always remains with you!

Preparation and procedure:

With the booking of a tarot reading you send me in writing in advance briefly 1-2 topics from your life that are currently occupying you - gladly also with 1-2 direct questions about it. If there is a specific occasion in addition for card reading, feel free to name it - such as (new) year reading, birthday, anniversary, annual celebration, or other.

A short numerological entry (only) through your date of birth is possible and recommended for the clarification of your current life field. Please send it to me in writing in advance. After that we meet online for a video meeting via Zoom or you can come by appointment in advance for a face-to-face consultation in Bremen in Northern Germany.

Consulting time: Depending on the occasion and question cycle between approx. 50 - 60 minutes.

Barathi’s consultations on various life issues have always moved a lot in me. Some consultations are still with me today, teaching me over and over again and gradually giving me more depth to understand.

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