Numerological Akashic Reading


What are your most pressing questions about life right now?
Do life’s crossroads challenge you to make essential choices?
What is the real call of your soul in this life?

The Akasha – equipped with the eternal world memory of memory, present and future. Your very personal number frequencies of birth, names and places dance in it – they are the door openers into this realm.



If the multi-layered waves of life are calling you for orientation and clear direction, then dive into your primordial current and the flow paths of your soul in a numerological Akashareading.

These are creatively composed of your full name, date and place of birth. These can be transferred from numerology into simple numerical values from frequencies of being and consciousness. Into your frequency of karma, dharma and your life purpose here on earth.

These life currents are completely embedded in the vast ocean of AKASHA - the all-encompassing world memory of heaven and earth. Beyond time and space as a luminous matrix storing everything and at the same time effectively radiating in the here and now for the questions of mankind. For the questions of the earth.
With all the chances and potentials, with the aspects of human failure and the possible opportunities for advancement and mastery.

Everything has its place there and is allowed to order and change according to the universal laws.

In an Akashic reading, ask your most important questions - the loud ones and the quiet ones. On family, job(s), relationship, finances. On life tasks and destiny. To body, mind and soul.

When the time is right, you can discard disused task portions and open other chapters of tasks that want to be embodied by you in the new time. Another step of soul birth for you on the ladder of your evolution. Information on current life themes and relevant age cycles will appear from your birth date.

We include this information in the reading.

Preparation and procedure:

You send me in writing in advance your full name and dates of birth (date and place) along with 2-3 questions that are currently on your mind in your life. Afterwards I will record an audio reading from my inner guidance and send it to you (approx. 15 min). In case of further questions there is still the possibility to arrange a video meeting via ZOOM (approx. 20 min).

Note: The duration of an audio reading may vary somewhat depending on the message.

Barathi’s reading for my daughter gave me immediate insights about her journey and also put the current situation in perspective. Especially her descriptions of her character were exciting for me, because she named facets that come up again and again in everyday life and demand a mindful and sensitive approach from me. Thank you, Barathi. It was so valuable to me and I will listen to it many times.

Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I was really scared to listen to Barathi’s reading because I already suspected that it goes deep. Her leadership is so clear, wet-free and so incredibly connected. It touched me throughout and moved me places that are very challenging to me right now. It has penetrated through all my bodies and protective layers to the core. She touched a depth that grabbed me and instantly relaxed my system. Her choice of words is poetic and at the same time so crystal clear. This woman with her knowledge and wisdom fascinates me. I knew I was in good hands and could walk through something, especially with life’s challenging issues, but it was more than that. It touched me and brought me to my essence. For this I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart. A true teacher.

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