Ways of liberation

Anna – Barbara



The own rise

Mastering the thresholds

You may also be a person who is very open and outgoing, but at the same time you question your true value in this world. You have already worked in many fields and mostly for others, fulfilled many things and yet you may now be wondering:

✳ where is my own harvest?
✳ my own rootedness – for ME?

The question is helpful, healthy and more than justified. And I know that for people who are already awake in themselves and have experienced expansion, this can be a great challenge in spite of everything, and one can also experience absolute narrowness on earth in everyday life with an enormous heavenly connection at the same time.

It is about something, something very big: stepping out of a service that is over. I know that a voice is quick to say, “You can’t do that”. But what does your heart want? What does your soul want? Perhaps it is already speaking softly, “Oh, yes. I want to be free.” I listen to this whisper with you together.

To step out of what was, to enter fully into what is and what is about to come. Mastering the thresholds.

Anna – Barbara Barathi

Instructor I Mentor I Modern Mysticism

What is the real, the genuine, that I truly want to create in my life?

Who knows about it? Who might have an idea about this?

Seek and you shall find.

Akasha Chronic * Tarot * Numerology * Silence * ENERGY WORK * Dream and SYMBOL Interpretation

1:1 work with me

On our way into being human, we pass through gates, experiences, initiations, stand at forks in the road, and walk through bottlenecks. It’s good to get help where you need help, where you don’t see (yet), don’t know (yet), don’t recognize (yet).

Where you can learn and grow into your own soul greatness through the school of life and self-knowledge.

It’s a blink of an eye away. But sometimes in between lies the far view inward.

Barathis’ “reading” is unique. There is no doubt that she touches truth, that she describes energy, that she sees what I can’t see right now. Her accompaniment is precise, accurate and apt. In the case of seemingly unsolvable problems, she works with the laws of the universe, which are to be taken quite practically.

From My Heart and Soul
into being human



You came into my kingdom. You came to my heaven. Quiet and unobtrusive, and yet so big. Constantly guarding the flame, when the system of nerves almost caught fire. In infinite goodness, with peaceful power. I snuggled into you, into the belly scale fur - so soft!...


When I feel that what is deeply buried wants to break open, wants to go into liberation at this turn of time, what we did not dare to touch years ago, decades ago or in past lives, then I gather all my courage and go within. I then follow a delicate inner chant...


Who are you? Always yourself. Who are you today? Always yourself. Who will you be tomorrow? Always yourself - but perhaps with the gates to your soul opened...

My vision is that we let each other unfold creatively and lovingly in self-realization without (dis)disturbing a healthy dance of Mother Earth with humanity.