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Anna – Barbara Barathi Fastenau

Freitag 08.09.23 – Sonntag 10.09 23


im Himmelsgarten, Edertal (Hessen)

Our entire life on earth is fulfilled with symbols of formed life energy. These symbols speak to us both universally and individually in their very own language.

Learn to read, feel and understand the language of your soul from the common field of consciousness and experience. Align yourself more clearly, awakened and newly strengthened on your life path for you – and if you want to support others as a mirror or consultant.

We will collect exemplary symbols from our everyday lives – dreams, meditations, the fire, elements, inspired oracle cards, intense phases of life and changes, joy and the big and small questions of our being.

We will experience the common field of learning and conscious alignment of the symbols of life as a smaller seminar and training group in the presence of Amira Trümner in a beautiful place called „The garden of Heaven“ (Himmelsgarden). It is located in the rural village of Anraff (Hessen), where its temple room and garden, the simple country lanes and the beautiful river Eder invite us to linger, cool off and dream.

We awaken into the symbols of our lifes and draw from stillness and our being.

„Life is an embodied symbol – learn to read it more deeply to transform your life and master it in balance.“

Anna – Barbara – Barathi