Anna – Barbara



the own way

go further than you HAve thought

My vision is to work with people to widen their gaze into the soul, even if it is the very first blink of an eye into a new world.

For over 25 years I have been involved with awakening, consciousness pathways, creative, artistic self-expression, lived truth and social action, self-healing and love.

The universal frequencies of the numbers in numerology, the Akashic Chronicle, the symbolic languages of the soul, everyday life and art, as well as a deep immersion in silence and energy perceptions can lead us on the path of becoming conscious beyond what we have lived and known so far.

So it pushed me gradually and sometimes with great thrust out of my limited conditioned fields of life, which, when my family of origin bitterly broke up, were characterized by much pressure, struggle, dependencies and entanglements.

Supposed certainties disappeared. Another existential crisis arose when I dropped out of law school because, as a highly sensitive person, I was simply wasting away in it. I mustered all my courage and made a radically different career choice: I jumped into the social work of the performing arts, into stage and theater life..

Working in artistic, theatrical contexts and as a university lecturer trains me to this day in the flexibility of my thinking, feeling and acting. Inspirations find expression in direct embodiment for myself, individuals or groups. Everything is energy and this can be sensed, read, directed, shaped and embodied.

Constant training of these skills also helped me to overcome life’s challenges and cross worn-out thresholds:

Out of co-dependencies in family structures
Out of narrow middle-class contexts
✳ Out of precarious financial circumstances
✳ Out of entrenched role patterns

✳ Into visibility as an artist and teacher
✳ Into spiritual and international contexts

✳ Into the ability to accompany intensive illnesses and care processes with close ones
✳ Into the diversity of being and the new possibilities freed from outdated identifications

On my way I met true masters of energy work: From and with them I learned to read these fields from the spiritual connection – the symbolic languages of the soul, the tarot, numerology, reading in the Akashic Chronicle and in dreams, as well as entering the spaces of consciousness and experience of a modern mysticism and silence.

My vision is that Human Being and Divine Being are allowed to find their natural balance again and connect to a lived metaphysics of everyday life. This longing for a constantly expanding awakening of the soul for me and the people let me progress further over ever new thresholds of evolution to freedom.

The path of liberation

The path that leads me is a path that breaks open.
A rubbing path.
A path of knowledge.
A path that leads to the ascent.
A path of flame and rainbow.
A path of love.
A persevering path.
Led invisibly in transits.
Beyond time and space into new visibilities.
A way out of stifling narrowness into unimagined vastness.
Grinding polarities uniting in itself.
A path of the middle.
A path to balance.
A path to the source.
A path of awareness into the divine.
Rising cycles of the divine feminine and divine masculine
Sensed and composed from the inside out.
Orchestrated into multidimensional co-creations.
A path of liberation.
A path of resolution.
A way of allowing oneself and being.
A path of soul births into embodied authenticity.
A transformational journey.
Ignited by the school of life –
through many spectacles.
Individually staged and at the same time steadfastly held in the universality of legality.
Burning double bottoms and discarded role plays.
Calling for pure support and inner guidance when the outside is chaotic and breaking.
A path of thresholds that we choose to cross entirely for ourselves.
A way of learning and teaching -.
between being fully human and being fully in God.
Going hand in hand with revelations of the physical and metaphysical worlds.
A way out of resistance, distorted attitudes and deceptive dependencies.
A path of healing and natural initiations
– paved with humility, felt through in forgiveness and lived devotion.
Mile after mile more masterfully walked –
through growth in willingness and self-reliant service.

Bringing light into the dark.
Interwoven in gentleness and strength through embodied presence
– continually drawing from divine forces.
Further where? All the way to completion.

Forever – by grace.





You came into my kingdom. You came to my heaven. Quiet and unobtrusive, and yet so big. Constantly guarding the flame, when the system of nerves almost caught fire. In infinite goodness, with peaceful power. I snuggled into you, into the belly scale fur - so soft!...


When I feel that what is deeply buried wants to break open, wants to go into liberation at this turn of time, what we did not dare to touch years ago, decades ago or in past lives, then I gather all my courage and go within. I then follow a delicate inner chant...


Who are you? Always yourself. Who are you today? Always yourself. Who will you be tomorrow? Always yourself - but perhaps with the gates to your soul opened...